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Get Feng Shui Luck For Selling Property

A good basic article that explains some simple Feng Shui tips on selling your home.   The principle of Feng Shui is Chi ( “chee”), the life force pervading everything.  Chinese Medicine describes the flow of Chi along the meridians within the body; Feng Shui depicts the flow of Chi in the outside world; in a landscape, a house or an office. The flow of Chi is essential to the personal comfort and well-being of occupants and buyers, whose bodies pick up balance and imbalance.

Stimulating ideas for better living

From sleek inner city townhouses to Wild West abodes in the Hunter Valley, Interior design is not an easy art form. Colours must be considered, eras and style must be decided, and lighting is very important. Some designs are easier to pull off than others, but nothing is more impressive than when a resident is able to make something living a part of their Feng Shui.

A $7.6 million teardown? for a new Feng Shui House

This 20 years old, an ornate, 7,800-square-foot, six-bedroom house in Newport Coast’s Pelican Hill is being sold as ripe for a teardown.   Plans for the new house would include 7,000 feet of subterranean space, he said, take more advantage of the Pacific Ocean views, and be ever mindful of Feng Shui, a traditional Asian practice using design to achieve harmony within a home.

The architect understands the Feng Shui design elements that are in demand among many high-end, Newport Coast buyers.

WA Feng Shui by the estuary

This $800K home is design is based on feng shui principles.  There is a natural flow that brings the tranquil water views, which can be seen from many of the rooms, seamlessly into the home.   The home flows easily into two lounge rooms, two dining rooms, two bathrooms and three large double bedrooms with walk-in robes, all on the ground floor.

Feng Shui for Modern Living Secrets of Health, Wealth and Happiness

Unofficially we understand that the very successful first full colour Feng Shui Magazine from the late 90’s is about to be reborn at    Preparations are well underway for the publishing of all 30 editions of this now famous publication for the first time online.    After 20 years in locked storage the archive CD’s that make up the full series of this magazine has now seen the light of day and will be reproduced for everyone to read online.

For good vibes

Bedrooms are extremely important places in feng shui. There can be no good feng shui in the house if your bedroom has negative energy. A bedroom with bad feng shui will also weaken your personal energy, as well as have a challenging effect on the quality of your relationships.