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Feng Shui Buzz

What is Feng Shui

Often miss spelt as Fung Shui, Feng Shway or Fong Shui, has a good explanation “the Chinese art or practice of creating harmonious surroundings that enhance the balance of yin and yang, as in arranging furniture or determining the siting of a house.”   Simple, the good news is its not a religion so you don’t have to believe in it for Feng Shui to work.

Feng Shui of LONDON

Like many of the world’s great cities, London is sited on a river. The ‘water dragon’ of the River Thames exerts a powerful influence, enhancing the energy and ensuring that this thriving metropolis enjoys auspicious luck and good fortune.



Inner Feng Shui

From a Taoist point of view, the route to optimum health and longevity involves striking a balance between yin and yang. Failure to do so can lead to the ‘opening of the floodgates’ to a host of chronic ailments.

A great article on Natures Diet.

Knowing the significance of the Feng Shui fortune Cat

This year the IFSA will hold the 15th annual IFSC in Okayama Japan.   So we thought we should take a look at the history behind the beckoning money cat, which originated in Japan, rather than China, during the 17th century.  Generally the cat is associated with good luck in Japan where there are a number of “cat temples”. Known as the maneki-neko, the legend of the money cat is said to have originated with a cat that delivered a gold coin to his bankrupt merchant master thus enabling him to rebuild his once great fortune. Today the money cat can be seen in many businesses, sitting near the cash till, beckoning prosperity to its master.

Eco-friendly, healthy house

Something that has become more common in the requests of homeowners, is buyers who won’t purchase a house without a (Feng Shui) expert’s opinion.   In addition using non-toxic materials throughout the home.  A Feng Shui Master worked throughout the redesign of this home to ensure it maintained a positive energy.   The stairs curve slightly to the left so the chi doesn’t escape through the front door, for example.